Hello, I'm Khusyasy

I am a Fullstack Developer. Now working as a freelancer and always open to new opportunities. With almost a year of professional experience building websites using Javascript, mostly with Vue JS and Express JS (MEVN).

About Me

I am currently majoring in Informatics at Telkom University. Graduate from vocational high school majoring in Software Engineering. I am also interested in competitive programming. (codewars, hackerrank)

Frequently I only use Javascript / Typescript, but I have experience with other languages such as Python and C++, and still learning Golang. I have some online certifications, you can see it on my LinkedIn.

I'm a native Indonesian speaker, but I can also speak English very well.

Notable Projects

Multiplayer TicTacToe

(MEVN, Websocket, JWT)

Realtime multiplayer TicTacToe game. Create a room and invite your friends to play with you. Account system to store your game results.

Koding Kuiz

(MEVN, JWT, Github Auth)

A Quiz game with multiple categories and difficulties. Scoring and Leaderboard system. With GitHub OAuth integration.

Recent projects

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